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Join Us in Making the 22nd Annual Tom’s Turkey Drive a Community Success

Every autumn, Spokane area residents look forward to Tom’s Turkey Drive — the annual event that provides local families in need a complete Thanksgiving meal, including a 12-14 lb turkey and ingredients to create favorite side dishes.

In its 22nd year, KREM weatherman Tom Sherry is leading the Drive once again. This year, the Turkey Drive team is looking forward to providing 11,000 meal kits to families across our community thanks to the city’s largest food bank, 2nd Harvest and their community partners.

This year, the Vivacity Care Center and Premera Blue Cross teams are joining the effort as the official recipe sponsor. The mission behind Tom’s Turkey Drive is close to our hearts because we believe the intersection between good food, family, and health is central to our community’s well-being.

We invite you to join us in supporting this worthy program through donation and volunteer opportunities.

To help us come up with some memorable recipes, we’ve teamed up with renowned Spokane Chef, Adam Hegsted, to support 2nd Harvest and Tom’s Turkey Drive. Jessica Grogan, ARNP at the 6th & Washington Care Center, and Chef Hegsted discussed how to celebrate the fall season while supporting the surrounding community.

Jessica: What does Thanksgiving mean to you and your family? Any particular traditions?

Adam: I developed my passion for food because I like to feed people. It’s my love language and how I show people I care for them. Whether it’s at the restaurants or at my home, I want the love of food and hospitality to come across through the things I cook or serve. I think that is a big part of what Thanksgiving is. Getting together with friends and family and sharing this love and relationship about and with each other.

We make pretty traditional foods for Thanksgiving with some more modern techniques but one thing we request from my mom each year is this funny orange cream “salad” Basically it’s ritz cracker crust topped with whipped cream mixed with orange juice concentrate and mandarin oranges. It’s delicious and I love that someone called it a salad because it has oranges. Similar to jello “salad”.

Jessica: What are some staples at your Thanksgiving table? Any twists on some old favorites?

Adam: Both the apple-sage stuffing and the cranberry jalapeno chutney are must haves. We really love the dry-brined turkey. The process is so much easier than having to brine a giant turkey in a cooler or something.

Jessica: How do you incorporate healthful ingredients into your dishes?

Adam: I think the most important thing is variety. Making sure that you have whole grains, leafy greens incorporated as a regular food item. We sometimes get stuck in a sort of mono-cultured diet of high fat meats, high sugar, high carb foods with no or a small amount of veggies. It’s important to have balance. I don’t really believe in bad foods; there are just things that need to be eaten in moderation and with a variety of foods, that’s a lot easier to do.

Jessica: What is your favorite leftover hack?

Adam: I personally love leftover turkey sandwiches. Cranberry sauce, cream cheese, stuffing, turkey all on toasted bread. It’s so good and I always look forward to it every year.

Jessica: Can you talk about how philanthropy and community factor into the work your team is doing at Eat Good Group?

Adam: Without community and partnering with people in that community, we wouldn’t have anything. We depend on our community to support us, and in return, it is our duty to support others. We may not have the ability to give $20,000, but we have the ability to help raise $20,000 and to be in a place where we can donate time or efforts towards helping others in need. It’s important in our company and it’s important to me to help be a part of something bigger than me or our restaurants.

Jessica: What does it mean to you to partner with Tom’s Turkey Drive?

Adam: I love what Tom’s Turkey drive is all about, feeding people in need. How could we not want to be a part of that? It’s also a time of the year where we should and could take a second to look for those positive things in our life to be thankful for and what better way to say thank you, then to give back a little.

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At Vivacity Care Center, we know that health and happiness are critical parts of a strong community. Let’s work together to bring that home this Thanksgiving.

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